ICONOMI 'Uberizing' Blockchain Platform Eclipses $6m In Fintech Crowdsale

Tantalisingly dubbed a Blockchain ‘Uber for Fund Management’, ICONOMI, has of today raised over on $6m to become the third largest financial tech crowdfunded investment sale ever. And, the initiative’s founders are on a mission to prove that the concept of ‘uberization’ is suitable for far more than ‘consumer-level’ services and aim to start an “inevitable disruption” of finance.

ICONOMI, the first-ever fund management platform for blockchains and cryptocurrencies that is located in a ‘nerve-hub’ of blockchain innovation in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has revealed yesterday (as of September 26) that approximately $5.93 million (m) in equity and operational capital had been raised through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), effectively a way or vehicle for investors to participate in crypto ventures.

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George Zervos

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