State of Digital Asset Management Platforms

Last week Melonport had one of the fastest crowd sales to date. In an Ethereum based crowd sale, they raised 227,000 eth in 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Together with ICONOMI’s ICO, also one of the most successful crowdfunds ever I think it’s safe to say the interest and expectations in this space are very high.

Now, ICONOMI and Melonport are both active in the same category — digital assets management. Besides these two projects, there are several other projects that are working on future products and platforms in this space. The other known projects in the space are summarized in the following table:


At this stage, none of these projects are direct competitors. None of the platforms are released yet, and for a foreseeable future our common goal will be to increase overall awareness and expand the market that we operate in. Our combined efforts in growing the possible market will by far outweigh the negative effects of being in competition for customers.

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George Zervos

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