We are all excited. A few days left until platform launch

Being only a few days away until the end of February, we are all really excited. The ICONOMI team had announced a while ago that the next round of pre-registered beta testers will get access to the trading platform and ICNX fund. The team had several obstacles to solve such as user experience and liquidity issues. Let's hope that by now the problems have been solved and they can deliver a seamless and enjoyable trading experience. We are looking forward to feedback from those Beta testers on Reddit and Bitcointalk.

The price has been really volatile lately, mainly to large investors taking profits and their intentions to accumulate larger amounts of ICN at lower prices. Those who were brave and patient enough to hodl and not panic hopefully won't be disappointed. The launch of the platform and new capital flowing in should bring the price to new levels.

...To the Moon

George Zervos

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