Ethereum Price rises as corporations move in

The price of Ethereum rose over 7% In the last 24 hours, continuing its uptrend and increasing to 14.50$ from 10$ earlier this month.

The main reason to this seems to be Ethereum Enterprise. A meeting held at JP Morgans offices in Brooklyn, NY on February 28th.

According to the event’s website:

[S]ome of the largest corporate users of Ethereum will demonstrate the most mature enterprise applications of blockchain running today.

Details on who is to attend and present are not available until tomorrow. Joseph Lubin, Founder of Consensys – an ethereum based incubator – publicly stated last month:

[Enterprise Ethereum] is a bunch of companies, large and small that are using and building on Ethereum, both in the public blockchain context and private permissioned contexts, who are organizing to build architectures that they need in their work, at the protocol level and application layer, and also ensuring that core public Ethereum is strong and well resourced and that the roadmap towards 2.0 and beyond has the best talent available to execute it. This group is very interested in seeing a strong Ethereum Foundation and leadership of the EF has been involved from the beginning.

It seems like we might have an Ethereum comeback. Currenly it's marketcap is around 1.3$ Billion and the price has been steady over 8$ for quite some time.

George Zervos

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