ICONOMI platform development completes major milestone - Beta Access

Finally a very important development milestone of the ICONOMI project has been reached. The beta-testing phase. This means we have a working version of the platform for the very first time. Some people received access earlier then others, more access will be given gradually, so if you registered for beta access in December check your emails, you might have access by now.

Currently beta testers are able to deposit & withdraw funds from their accounts and purchase/sell ICNX tokens.

There are certain limitations during the beta testing version:

  • 1.5 BTC daily withdraw limit
  • Withdrawals of ICNX tokens are currently disabled due to a risk of secondary market sales (someone could move the ICNX tokens elsewhere and sell them)

Below is a screenshot of the platform and also a link to a video presentation which was recorded by a beta tester.

Link to Video - Cleaned up Version

ICONOMI Platform Beta

George Zervos

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