Upcoming conferences & presentations where ICONOMI team will be present

It's only been a few days since the ICONOMI team granted beta access to pre-registered users. We had some positive feedback so far. The platform looks promising, and we are all looking forward to the official launch hopefully in this first quarter of 2017. Can't wait for the price to climb and also receive the first dividends.

The team is getting ready for attending new conferences and presentations. The first event is in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico on the 4th of March. Jani will be a speaker at the event named Coinagenda. A Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors conference. Tickets will be $1,795 for a full conference pass.

Here is an outline of the ICONOMI presentation:

  • ICONOMI platform: new possibilities, attracting investors, how the users can profit

  • ICNX as crypto ETF

  • ICONOMI ICO - lessons learned, how to do an ICO

  • Q&A session

The second event is a Meetup event in Munich, Germany on the 7th of March. Jan Isakovic, Mentoring Program lead will make a presentation of the ICONOMI project in front of 50 attendees.

Both events are a great opportunity for the ICONOMI team to build new business relationships and gain investors trust.

For more infos visit:

Coinagenda, Puerto Rico

Munich Meetup event

George Zervos

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