What is ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a Digital Assets Management Platform that enables simple purchase of digital assets and their combining into arrays. Every array competes with others, with the best arrays attracting supporters.

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What is ICNX?

ICONOMI.index (ICNX) is a passive digital assets array (DAA) developed from the ICONOMI cryptocurrencies index. It measures the performance of digital assets that meet the ICONOMI eligibility criteria and mimics the blockchain economy. The structure of the ICONOMI.index DAA delivers diversification benefits and minimises risk. The digital assets currently included in the index represent ~92% of the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies.

ICONOMI.index constituents and their corresponding weights are rebalanced on a monthly basis, or more frequently due to the fast changing environment of the cryptocurrency market. Between rebalancing periods, the weights of the index constituents move proportionally to their price movements. If the weight of a specific digital asset surpasses 25%, the index is immediately rebalanced.

ICONOMI.index is represented by ICNX app token. The methodology, rules, current structure and price of ICONOMI.index is published and updated every 5 minutes.

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What is ICNP?

ICONOMI.performance (ICNP) is an actively managed digital assets array (DAA) with a higher risk profile, but also a higher performance target.

Its investments are actively managed by a team of ICONOMI experts, who are constantly seeking out propitious early investment ICO opportunities (crowdfunded startup projects and companies).

In order to ensure the best possible management and prevent the possibility of oversubscription, the ICONOMI.performance DAA will be by invitation only.

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What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering, or Initial Cryptocurrency Offering), and also known as ITO (Initial Token Offering) is a new way to raise funds for idea/project/company. This way entrepreneurs can crowdfund their idea. Investors in ICO get coins/tokens which represent shares/participation in the project or the company.

If sufficient funds are raised from the sale of the ICO, the project is successful and can start with the next phase - product/service delivery. If the funding goal is not met, all the funds are returned to the investors.

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I am an US citizen. Am I allowed to invest in ICONOMI?

This question has been asked a lot lately. The answer is simple. US citizens are only allowed to invest/trade ICN tokens on exchanges such as Kraken. They are also allowed to receive dividends on those Tokens. They simply can not invest in Iconomi funds/arrays or create ones to invest in once the platform is released. This is the current regulation of the SEC. There was a reddit post on this recently.

Update 21-February 2017:
Due to the uncertain legal system, ICONOMI services are not available to citizens of USA at the moment. As soon as a clear decision is made, these restrictions will be removed.

Read more about legal questions at https://medium.com/iconominet/consolidated-legal-questions-e178a5400a6e#.iand6bnij

Where can I purchase ICN Tokens?

Currently 3 exchanges are offering ICN tokens.

Also read our How-To section with a tutorials on how to purchase ICN tokens on the Kraken exchange and sending them to your myetherwallet.